Jared Landry has proven that he can create high quality media, effectively lead a production team, and get the job done under pressure. That’s why he’s among the first people I call when I’m looking for a graduate of the Moving Image Arts program at UL Lafayette to deliver reliable professional services.
— Charles Richard, Endowed Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Jared excels in creative behind the camera endeavors, and has an innate talent for making a simple shot into an interesting shot. However, his talents are not limited to behind the camera. [...] As a producer he has prepared budgets, recruited crew and talent, prepared production and shooting schedules, secured locations and equipment, and then proceed to direct the project both in-front and behind the camera.
— Sheree Bandukwala, Rudimentary Images
Our plans to have someone record a one time event at our museum fell through, last minute. We needed someone to record archival quality video and sound, and we needed it quickly. I contacted Jared, and he not only worked within our timeline, but he exceeded our expectations. The recordings were beautiful. That event will forever be preserved for future generations. Jared is very professional, and I would definitely recommend him as a videographer.
— Charissa M. Helluin, Vermilionville curator
Jared Landry’s attention to detail is what impressed us during the time we have known him. Whether he was using his skills to video or photo capture live action musical performances, his work shows expertise and knowledge of his art and craft. [...] Any individual, group, or organization employing his skills will not be disappointed with the finished product.
— David Erny, Booking Coordinator The Wild Salmon Bar & Grill, Sales Manager Prof Erny's Music
Jared Landry really seems to know what he’s doing. He operates with a keen sense of professionalism that borders on perfectionism. It’s truly fascinating to watch him work.
— John Merrifield, Co-Founder of Dead Cell Comedy
A Mover. His work starts with a bang and propels until utmost completion. His passion for photography inspires ideas for even the simplest sets while his almost instinctual knowledge of the art allows him to take long confident strides on even the most taxing ideas. I’ve worked with him on many occasions and I would never hesitate to work with him again.
— Thorn Letulle, frontman of sicksicksick
Working with Jared was an extremely pleasant experience. He had a vision, and knew what he wanted, yet was still open to new ideas being incorporated as well. He was extremely professional during a nude shoot. I would definitely recommend him to newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.
— Lumina, Alternative Model